The Channel Islands YMCA group, which includes nine locations throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, is a long-established non-profit. They were looking to update their visual brand with a new website and new marketing materials focused on their local branches.

Working around schedules and locations

Because they have so many locations, each needed special accommodations for scheduling and accomplishing their photo shoots.

Finding special moments within the bustle

We performed an architectural shoot at each branch to photograph the exterior and interior spaces as well as staff and the general action at each location. We also coordinated lifestyle photo shoots involving actual clients/users who work out at the YMCA.

“Harper Point captured photos for our new website and member acquisition campaign. I could not be happier with how they represented the YMCA brand and story of service to the community.”


Showcasing the branches’ individuality

The Channel Islands YMCA group has a kick-ass new website that shows the local personality of each branch/facility.

Crowdsourcing models

Sometimes the story is best seen through a real person doing a real thing rather than a hired model in a posed situation. We had multiple models scheduled for photo sets during this shoot, but some of our favorite images were made by spotting clients doing something interesting and asking them to take part in our shoot. This guerrilla-style approach can be logistically challenging but provides authentic real-world photos that, to us, feel relatable.

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