Millers Professional Imaging


Miller’s Professional Imaging is a massive nationwide printer of a wide range of photo products. They have two brands: one for professional photographers (Miller’s) and one for consumer photographers (Mpix). Naturally, they have a large monthly marketing machine that needs to be well fed.

Taking on a mountain of needs

Miller’s large list of needs was stressing their in-house capabilities but was too large to crowdsource. Their business requires many products to be photographed regularly in unique ways that they can work into their steady stream of email marketing, print ads, website updates and social media content. It is important that Miller’s products are photographed with a high level of color and detail accuracy while remaining modern and providing aspirational goals to their clients.

Combining our creativity with the client’s branding

In cases like this, a client will send us a shortlist and a mood board and then let us go to town. We create a group of custom sets to make lifestyle and stylized studio settings for each of their photo collections. Their brand must be represented in the look and feel of the photos, and it’s an interesting challenge to continually re-interpret that over a longtime campaign.

“Working with Nate + Kira for the past 5+ years has been fantastic. They have been an integral partner for us, have helped elevate our brands and keep things fresh, while also being just wonderful to work with. They want us to be thoroughly happy with the deliverables they send us each month and I truly value the relationship that we have built with them.”


Inspiring creativity in millions

Each week, Miller’s successfully sends out four to six email campaigns to their list of millions. We ensure they have the perfect photos for their campaigns with composition options that will work with copy overlays, as stand-alone photos and on their website.

Utilizing the intricate art of hand modeling

A great method we employ for creating a lifestyle feeling without tacking on pesky modeling fees is using Kira as our in-house hand model. By adding a small human element, we can bring a shot to life.

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