Amoretti is a company that creates flavoring which can be used in cooking, baking, and beverage creation. We worked closely with them to create ongoing content for all their needs from social media to website photos to testimonial shoots.

Diving into the world of Amoretti

We worked closely with the Amoretti marketing team to create ongoing content for all their specific needs. To bring their vision to life, we installed a compact studio right on their premises, allowing them to whip up scrumptious baked goods and refreshing drinks for the shoots.

Going the distance

We hit the road to capture stunning imagery of Amoretti’s diverse clientele using their products in a wide range of applications, from the frothy brews of craft beer to the sweet swirls of creamy ice cream. We trekked across the country to showcase the versatility of their offerings and highlight their customers' unique stories.

"Harper Point brings our vision to life with precision and creativity. They ensure our products are the center of attention, aligning with the Amoretti® brand while incorporating their signature style. From planning to delivery, they masterfully use colors, textures, light, and shadow to create content for our advertising and social media needs."

Elizabeth Jain, Social Media - Amoretti

Getting up close and personal

We immersed ourselves in the Amoretti culture, collaborating with their team to exchange ideas and produce outstanding content. Through a seamless exchange of creative concepts and strategies, including developing a system for photographing color swatches and textures - we worked together as a cohesive unit to achieve a shared vision. Our commitment to being a true partner to Amoretti allowed us to foster a dynamic and productive relationship, resulting in compelling and effective content.

Cocktails anyones?

At Harper Point, we’re always upping our game, and we’ve taken our beverage photography to the next level, making every drink look even more tantalizing and mouthwatering. We’ve also honed our ability to speak directly to clients in the beer and alcohol industry, showcasing the unique qualities of their offerings and attracting new business. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the beverage space has allowed us to consistently produce stunning visuals that showcase the artistry of our clients’ products.

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