Otterbox is a brand dedicated to keeping technology safe with their durable cases. To showcase the essence of the brand and connect with their target audience, we produced location lifestyle shoots that featured models, prop stylists, and clothing stylists.

Capturing the essence Otterbox with a dash of our own style

Through careful planning, attention to detail and our own signature style, we were able to capture the heart of the brand in each image, conveying its unique message directly to its intended audience.

Shooting a ton of content at the highest standards

We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with larger crews to produce a plethora of content. We embrace the challenge of working in tricky lighting scenarios and still get the best results. While speed is crucial when shooting through a 100 image shot list, we remain committed to our high standards and take the time to ensure that every image meets our expectations.

"Partnering with Harper Point for our photography needs has been amazing. Their attention to detail and open-mindedness to solve our wild requests are fantastic. We've worked with them for many years and always return to Nate and Kira. They consistently deliver, even with impossible tasks. Their work is just what we need for the OtterBox brand. It's a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to more projects."

Paul Miller, Art Director

Efficient and fun with a little dash of quirky

Our friendly, easy-going demeanor allows us to always stay cool under pressure, and in fact, we thrive on the added challenge. You can always count on us to bring our A-game for the most exceptional results.

A little dancing, singing and of course, karate

We’re always exploring new ideas to inject our personal style into our work, especially when facing big shot lists and limited time. That’s where “One for us” comes in – we ask for 30 minutes to do something inspired by our own creativity. During a recent shoot, we took each model and a phone product, and let them have fun and be themselves. Some danced, some sang, and one even showed off some impressive karate moves. We poured our hearts into this personal project and the client loved it, ultimately using many of the images we captured.

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