Joy Organics


Joy Organics is a CBD company dedicated to producing premium broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products. We were brought in to create a photo identity that appealed to their target demographic—a quality-minded, health-conscious Boomer and Gen X audience.

Growing the look to match the brand

The company was growing from being a local brand to getting nationwide attention, and they needed a look that kept up with their expansion in the health and wellness retail space. It was also important for the look to work for B2B marketing and private label work as well as the needs of multiple departments within the company.

Crafting uniquely branded sets, props and shoots

For the merchandise photography of Joy Organics’ CBD line, we created multiple custom studio sets using their company colors for backgrounds and prop elements. We brought in natural botanical props and fresh ingredients to make interesting, light-hearted and quirky compositions with a modern touch. To show their products in action, we planned and produced a comprehensive lifestyle photoshoot involving multiple models and locations in various scenarios, from surfing to travel to home life.

“Working with Harper Point on both product and lifestyle photography has created a standard for our brand. We learned quickly that not all photographers are created equal and Harper Point exceeded our expectations. They think through the entire process with both storytelling and usability in mind. Everything they have delivered has conveyed exactly what it needed to and represented our brand flawlessly. We can't recommend Nate and Kira enough.”


Launching with fresh photos

In the end, we created a lively bank of lifestyle and product photography that was utilized in launching their new website, print promotion, social media marketing and B2B presentations.

Building custom sets

For this shoot, we made four different sets. This involved finding paint selections to match Joy Organics’ pantone color schemes. We also made matching platforms in order to elevate our product compositions and give them adequate variety.

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