Hudson + West


Hudson + West is a yarn company and one of very few American-made, artisan yarn manufacturers. They approached us during their start-up phase and asked us to create photos for the launch of their company that would give a great first impression and, of course, help them sell yarn as soon as possible.

Balancing a rugged sophistication

As a start-up, Hudson + West had a lot of pressure to launch their idea profitably and avoid wasting time and money. We needed to help their customers feel confident in remotely purchasing an expensive luxury item.

Capturing the true brand essence

We set out to take pictures of garments made with their yarn on models that celebrated the great American landscapes. But we knew they couldn’t just be pretty pictures—they also had to be factual and convey the tactile nature of the product. In addition to providing full-service lifestyle shoots from New York to California, we also made highly detailed photos of their yarn on various surfaces with both natural and artificial light to create a color guide and sales tool that helps online shoppers be confident in their choices.

“Harper Point Photography always provides their signature touch of intimacy + authenticity both behind and in front of the camera.”


Bringing their lifestyle to life

Hudson + West just passed their milestone first year. Their brand looks legit, and their yarn is consistently selling out. They are happy with how our photos add to their visual identity, and we are enjoying an ongoing partnership as their go-to photographer.

(805) 653-5999

1181 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93001