Lenny and Larry’s


Lenny and Larry’s is cookie company with a mission to bring healthy protein-packed snacks to the world. We created rich and vibrant lifestyle and product photography, that helped bring their products to life across the entire brand experience.

Cookies with personality

We love nothing more than bringing our clients' brands to life through dynamic and engaging visual content and our collaboration with Lenny and Larry's was no exception. Our stop-motion marketing campaigns added an extra layer of excitement and energy, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. We meticulously photographed all products across their four internal brands, optimizing online sales on multiple platforms. Our team even rose to the challenge of creating Amazon-specific content that stayed true to Lenny and Larry's fun and quirky vibe, ensuring their brand message resonated with their audience.

Meet the new boss

When we teamed up with Lenny and Larry's Art Director to create a lifestyle campaign for their new product, the Boss Cookie and Bar, we knew we had to strike the perfect balance between intensity and playfulness. This was an athletically focused brand, and we worked tirelessly to capture the grit and determination of a hardcore workout brand while still staying true to the light-hearted and fun vibe of the Lenny and Larry's brand. Through our expert attention to detail and creative approach, we were able to craft a visually stunning campaign that perfectly captured the spirit of the Boss Cookie and Bar.

"Harper Point is a gem! Not only do they capture and deliver high end photography – meeting and exceeding expectations – but they're also wonderful people who know how to collaborate, listen to feedback and are incredibly delightful to be on shoot. They have a great eye, amazing rapport and creatively flexible to make something out of nothing."

Kristin Borg, Creative Director - Lenny and Larry's

No cookie-cutting here

We love nothing more than getting creative with our product photography and stop-motion work. When we were given the opportunity to showcase our artistic vision for a recent project, we jumped at the chance to flex our creative muscles. Working closely with our client, we crafted a set of guidelines for e-commerce photography that ensured a consistent look and feel across all products, without sacrificing creativity or becoming overly repetitive. Our attention to detail and passion for pushing the boundaries of visual content creation allowed us to capture high-impact, visually stunning photos that truly showcase the unique personality of each product.

Perfecting the art of baking magic

When we were tasked with showcasing Lenny and Larry’s cookies in the best possible light, we dove headfirst into the art of making cookies look their absolute best. Using only real product, we spent hours poring over each individual cookie, looking for the perfect shape and just the right amount of inclusions to create a mouth-watering visual experience. We also became experts in the delicate art of heating up chocolate chips to achieve a glossy, delicious look without making them a hot mess. Our dedication to perfection and attention to detail sets us apart in the world of visual content creation, allowing us to create stunning and engaging photos that truly capture the essence of each product.

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