Skilled photographers with a little quirk: We’re Harper Point.

Who we are

Picture this: Two lifelong photographers who were raised on opposite sides of the country end up working together at a photo studio, where they fall in love. Full of excitement for the future, these bright-eyed artists take a leap of faith and start their own photography business.

It sounds a bit like a movie plot, but it’s actually the story of how Harper Point came to be.

When Nathan was a child, his mother introduced him to photography. She would wake Nathan up at the crack of dawn to photograph the sunrise at an apple orchard during New England fall or the Olympic torch as it passed through their town.

As an adult, Nathan read Jack Kerouac, which resulted in the mandatory cross-country-on-a-Greyhound trip. He quickly got hooked on California. Kira’s journey began at the age of five, when her family took a chance and started a photography business. She grew up answering phones and labeling mailings for a business that would someday be the home of her own creative endeavor.

Nathan got a job at this same photo studio, where he met Kira. Four years later, they got married, moved to Colorado and started their own company. In their 15-plus-year business career, Nathan and Kira have photographed everything under the sun. Now, they take that knowledge and distill it into a commercial photography business that elevates brands and creates space for their greatest adventure—their family.

Fun fact: Harper Point was named after their dog, Harper, and a tiny sign Nathan saw for Harper's Landing while living in Massachusetts.

The Studio

The Harper Point photography studio is a quirky 1960s building that has been a photo studio since it was built. In fact, we are the fifth photo business to operate in this space. Here we create lifestyle environments with our in-house prop collection and build custom studio sets to bring life to our photo shoots. Our studio is located in downtown Ventura, California, which provides us with beautiful weather year round and excellent access to beach locations and scenic nature spots. We're even close to Los Angeles, Ojai and Santa Barbara!

Our Process

We’ve been doing this photography thing for a while, so we have our process down to a T. Before, during and after the shoot, we keep our lines of communication open. Harper Point is just the two of us, so you don’t have to worry about information getting lost in translation.

Above all, we aim to translate what your product is into an eye-catching photo that tells a good story quickly. We are always happy to hear your ideas! The overwhelming majority of our clients are repeat customers—we value great working relationships.

(805) 653-5999

1181 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93001