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How Brand Photography Can Help Your Business 

When the whole world is a gallery, the photos that you choose to share matter. Social media has taught us the power of the imagery we use to express ourselves. Our selfies and snapshots of our morning mocha, over time, become a conglomeration of our individual personalities, immortalized online for everyone to see. 

If we can do that for a person, then how much more can we do for your brand? 

Commercial photography is an especially powerful tool for today’s businesses. Certain niches, like product photography, nearly speaks for itself. To sell your product, you have to show the world what it looks like. If you can take visually-interesting pictures that stand out from the competition, then that’s even better.

However, your brand is more than your products. Your brand is your story, your values, your motivations. It’s the persona you want your customers to associate with your name. And when it comes to brand photography, you don’t have to tell them–you can show them. 

Show them what you got!

It turns out that humans are all quite visual creatures. At a glance, we absorb thousands of details at once and store them in our memory for future use. But which ones make a lasting impression? More often than not, we remember the images that we can identify with: the ones that tell us a story. 

Humans are intrinsically connected to stories, and from the times of cave paintings, we especially love seeing our stories in visual form. Think of a beautiful painting or a well-directed movie; the images have a way of lingering. 

A good photograph tells us a story. All the different pieces–the people, the poses, the objects, the background–give us a glimpse into a world that looks all too familiar. We imagine who these people are, see how they react to the situation around them, and imagine ourselves there with them. 

Your brand photography doesn’t just tell people what you sell. It tells people what you love, what you want, and how you see the world. It shows the people you work with and the places you go. 

With a bit of care, you can tell people your brand’s story in only a few well-crafted photographs. Not only will it draw attention, but your story is more likely to be remembered, even after your customers scroll on to something else.

Is your brand ambitious and innovative, looking at old problems from a new angle? Do you have that old-fashioned charm that puts everyone at ease? Are you a melting pot of ideas? A laid-back space for relaxation, or are you more edgy and rough around the edges? 

People often have short attention spans these days–they take a few seconds, look at an image, and immediately decide what the message is trying to convey. Since we are also visual creatures, the best way to quickly show people what kind of company you are is to show it in your photography styles. Sharp lines and ambitious angles can give your brand an adventurous look, while soft pastels and lighting can put consumers at ease. 

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