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5 Reasons For Your Company to Love Lifestyle Photography 

We live in an age where nearly everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket, so it’s no surprise that photography can make a big impact on our day-to-day lives, even if we don’t realize it! Photography is more than the occasional selfie or a snapshot of our morning latte: it’s an artform, one that is accessible by nearly everyone, and has so many different genres and forms for artists to explore. 

One of these forms is so commonplace, and yet so pertinent, that it’s almost underrated: lifestyle photography. And if you can harness the five perks of lifestyle photography, the results may not just be pretty–they may be life-changing. 

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is much like it sounds like: the idea of snapshotting a slice of life. It sounds simple, but this artform entails capturing a moment in time in someone’s life. You almost feel like you’re there, and just as importantly, you often see the side of people that isn’t often captured in posed pictures. 

There’s just a certain spark that you can’t see elsewhere: the way someone brightens up when laughing at a joke, the energy of a friend group interacting together, the bonding between strangers over a shared meal. It’s the true “fly on the wall” experience, and there’s truly nothing like it!

Why should I care about lifestyle photography? 

You’ve probably seen your fair share of lifestyle photos on social media, but this style of photography has a long reach in your day-to-day life as well. Lifestyle photography helps viewers relate to the subjects on a deeper level, which means that whether you want to sell a product or inspire an audience, lifestyle photography is a powerful tool to elicit whatever reaction you want. 

You may have seen popular lifestyle photography pictures in your day-to-day advertisements, promotional videos, or any sort of content that depicts human beings interacting with one another and the environment around them. That is lifestyle photography, and the practice of it comes with a bunch of perks and benefits. Need more proof? Read on to learn about five groundbreaking perks that may get you hooked on lifestyle photography. 

5- Superior Storytelling 

The most powerful art tells a story. It’s something that humans relate to on a primal level, all since the days of cave drawings (the original lifestyle photography!). 

Photography is the depiction of real-life events captured in standstill images. After all, there is a reason why pictures say a thousand words. It’s because you can get so much from an image. Emotions, expression, background, and action succeed in telling your viewer everything they need to know about a product or event. 

Whether you want to share a building’s long colorful history, or the vibrant community of the local food scene, there really is no substitute to showing it visually.  People respond to visual stories with a particular vigor. 

In lifestyle photography, the viewer can also directly identify with the subject, which puts them in the story as well. The setting feels natural, organic, somewhere they want to be and people that seem fun to be around. If your viewer feels connected to the art, then they are more likely to be drawn to anyone–or anything–pictured therein. Lifestyle photography, therefore, plays a huge role in telling the story of the object being photographed.

4- Unmatched Inspiration

Who doesn’t like to be inspired by art? Some people can relish a good sad story, but for the most part, we want to feel enlivened by the art we consume. Apart from telling a story, lifestyle photography can also help inspire audiences on a deep, personal level. 

Throughout history, photography has been used to capture the allure and powerful scenes of a moment in time. More often than not, photography has been the most telling content that we have of our history, even proving to be more powerful than film. Lifestyle photography helps inspire viewers to seek their own creativity. 

In retail, lifestyle photography is especially important. Images will help promote products better than any other medium can. Through the use of adept angles, creative backgrounds, and other photographic components, lifestyle photography can convince customers of wanting a product. This is often the case with commercial photography or brand photography, both of which are quite popular in L.A. and Santa Barbara. 

3- Great for Relieving Stress

As with any art form, photography is a great way to relieve stress. It’s not only productive, but the whole process can be incredibly cathartic. Learning tricks of the trade can be a long journey, but for anyone who loves to learn and thrives in a creative space, lifestyle photography can be an amazing source of fulfillment and relaxation. 

You don’t have to be an expert already to get this perk, either. To capture the perfect shot, photography merely requires patience and practice–not perfection, Photography  provides an outlet to the real world stress, triggers, and worries. Perform lifestyle photography as your very own venting process and enjoy the end products as rewards for your stress relief and hard work. 

2- You Can Make a Career Out of It 

Besides being an art form and a stress relief, many people pursue lifestyle photography as a career. Whether it is commercial photography in Ventura, product photography in L.A., or brand photography in Santa Barbara, you can pursue a passion and career that you love, and do it in your favorite city as well! 

Pursuing photography as a career has its perks and privileges. You are your own boss, you choose the niche that you want, and you get to tell a story and provide a service! However, consistency in jobs can be an issue, so make sure you work on your portfolio and your shots while growing your photography career. 

1- Unmatched Brand Potential 

In life, there are very few opportunities for immortality. Music tends to live way past the artist’s time. The same goes for photography. In fact, as we mentioned above, photographs and images are the snapshot moments that we often revert back to when we tell our stories, or want to learn about human history. 

Lifestyle photography is very much the same thing. Today, marketers and advertisers are as keen as ever to look for that one image that will resonate, and live forever, amongst their consumers and customers. As a photographer, your name will live on with your work. Capturing that iconic moment in a brand or product’s history can be a moment that is very hard to come by with other crafts and career pursuits. 

With lifestyle photography, your viewers identify more closely with the subjects and can picture themselves right in the midst of the world you captured. This can be a phenomenal tool when trying to create a voice for your brand. The more that your audience relates to you and the subjects therein, the more they are likely to trust you and your product.

Are You Ready To Take A Shot?

So there you have it, 5 awesome perks of lifestyle photography. If you do decide to pursue a path in photography, make sure you read up on all the trends and techniques that are working today. Then, grab your camera, and hit the streets, snapping pics! You never know what moment in time is begging for you to snapshot it!

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