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If you’re looking to celebrate a pivotal life event or better advertise your product or business, professional photography can have a significant impact. In many ways, excellent photos can capture the essence of experience while also imparting stories to everyone able to look at them. At Harper Point Photography, we always strive to fully utilize our in-depth experience and extensive skills to make your story come alive in the best ways possible. It is in large part because of our top-quality work and exceptional level of service that we’ve quickly become an industry leader for photography in Santa Barbara County.

One of the fundamental things that separates us from many other professional photographers is our emphasis on collaboration with clients. While making use of effective photography methods is certainly important, we believe that is only part of the overall equation for producing stunning photos. Clear communication is essential to our process, and we greatly enjoy creating a true connection with clients that allows us to successfully record the adventure from start to finish.

The Harper Point team was fortunate to grow up with professional photographer parents, which allowed us to start developing our skills early on. If you take a look at our resume, you’ll see that we’ve been able to work with a multitude of companies including Lenovo, OtterBox, Wham-O and Case Logic.

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At Harper Point, we excel at producing many kinds of photography in Santa Barbara County. One type of photography that many of our clients use us for is commercial photography. Over the years, our photographers have worked with businesses just starting out, as well as with businesses that have been around for a long time. Collaborating with creative directors and marketing departments, we’ve had great success in helping to both establish and enhance commercial brands. Our team is fully committed to bringing visions to life, and promoting them in a compelling manner. With our professional commercial photos, you’ll be well-equipped to promote your company in the way you see fit.

Our photographers also frequently do work with product photography. If your business sells one or more products, it’s critical to have appealing photos that emphasize the appeal and quality of those products. The last thing you want is for sales to be lackluster because your products look bland or commonplace. Quality product photos help entice potential customers, and are often very important in shaping how the consumer public views your products as well as your brand in general. As such, the investment you make in professional product photography can end up paying substantial dividends in terms of increased sales opportunities and potential revenue. Whether you’re looking to promote your products online or in magazines or newspapers, our photos are sure to capture the attention of all that view them.

Food presents a unique challenge for photographers (ever tried to tell ice cream to pose?) Thankfully, our team has years of experience in capturing that perfect, mouthwatering shot that is sure to stir attention. Our food photography services are a perfect match for projects of any size.

Whether for work or play, our buildings impact our livelihoods in sometimes unseen ways. Our team brings those best features to the foreground through our architecture photography services. Help your brick-and-mortar places shine among the virtual noise!

Our motion content services are a great way to relate to virtual audiences on a whole new level. Add some clever animation and gifs to bring your content up a notch!

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One of the best things about portraits from our photographer near Santa Barbara is that they provide snapshots of life events that you can revisit any time you’d like. Whether you’d like portraits of just yourself or of your entire family (including pets), we’ve got you covered. Our black & white and color portraits are truly second-to-none. Additionally, our photographers always create a relaxed and cheerful environment for portrait photo shoots.

Professional headshots taken by our Harper Point photographers are extremely useful for self-promotion. Whether you’re trying to land an acting or modeling job, or would like nice images of yourself to put on your website, the headshot photos we produce create amazing first impressions. Even self-conscious clients enjoy having us take their photos because we do everything in our power to make the process fun and hassle-free.

Our professional photographers would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss all of your Santa Barbara County photography needs. To schedule a time, please contact us online or call our studio at (805) 653-5999.

(805) 653-5999

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