Headshots are essential for many professionals, but they can often be stressful or boring. Not at Harper Point! We know how to make the headshot experience fun, and we tailor the process to your needs and interests.
IT / Headshots
Interior Designer / Headshots
Ventura Capitalist / Headshots

We offer headshots for every need

If all you’re looking for is a simple headshot for you or your staff, that’s not a problem. We can provide you with tips for getting ready and make sure you receive a variety of pictures fit for your LinkedIn profile, personal website, company page or advertisements. If you’re itching for a headshot with more flare, we have your back! We love putting together conceptualized scenarios that show people who you really are.

Hair Stylist / Headshots
Music Teacher / Headshots
Author / Headshots
UNC / Headshots / Greeley, CO
Warehouse 21 / Headshots / Cheyenne, WY
UNC / Headshots / Greeley, CO

Camera shy? We can help with that

It’s easy to feel nervous when it comes to taking headshots. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy with how the pictures turn out, so we make every effort to bring a calm, friendly energy to each shoot. We promise that it will turn out better than you’re anticipating!
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Lawyer / Headshots
Cake Decorator / Headshots

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